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    Our reputation for providing personal, compassionate and comprehensive patient care to women of all ages has helped us earn a strong reputation as one of the premier OBGYN practices in the state of Arizona. Learn More »

  • Pregnant? Thinking About It?

    Our experienced, board-certified physicians will do everything possible to help you start a family and make your pregnancy a happy and healthy one. Our exceptional care also extends to women with high-risk pregnancies. Learn More »

  • Do You Suffer From Heavy Periods?

    For most women, menstruation is a simple fact of life. But if you have heavy periods, menstruation is anything but simple. Learn More »

  • Want Effective Pregnancy Prevention?

    Learn about Essure®, a simple in-office procedure for permanent birth control. Learn More »

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Welcome to Our Practice

Paradise Valley OBGYN delivers more than healthy babies. We provide service on a more personal level.

Our clients aren't just patients to us—they’re family. When you walk through our doors, we’re glad to see you. When you call, we don’t keep you on hold. When you leave a message, we call you right back. And when it comes to more serious care, we provide in-office surgeries and procedures that save you time and money.

We even cover our own deliveries, giving new moms extra peace of mind. Just like any caring family, we’re here for you—today, tomorrow and always.

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AOA Family of OBGYN Physicians

Paradise Valley OBGYN is part of Arizona OBGYN Affiliates (AOA), an integrated family of OBGYN physicians. AOA gives a voice to women’s healthcare providers and their patients, ensuring positive outcomes for both. By working together, AOA establishes strength and authority as a major force in Arizona healthcare.

Thanks to AOA, women have better access to quality care; providers have the ability to receive fair compensation; and insurance providers have peace of mind in knowing that the physicians within AOA meet the highest level of clinical, technical and ethical standards in healthcare.


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